Tips on Using Movavi Video Converter to Convert Your Video into Any Format

Movavi Video Converter is optimized to convert the video into any format of your choice within the shortest time frame possible without any noticeable difference in the quality compared to the original video. You may be thinking that it is impossible for a video to retain the same original quality after the compression. This is actually possible because of the improvement in the video compression technology over the years.

Movavi video format converter allows you to edit and compress your video at the same time. You can stabilize video that are taken with a shaky digital camera. You can improve the video slightly by using the magic video enhancement feature. It allows you to crop a video and bring to attention a part that you want to put emphasis in the video. You can rotate the video in all directions. The trimming features allows you to cut the video into several segments. Every function in the software can be implemented with the click of a single button. Movavi Video Converter allows you to customize the resolution and bit rate of the video file.


Movavi video format converter is a video conversion software designed to help you shrink the size of your video without affecting the original video quality. Some people will think of cutting the video into several segments and send them to an email to keep the whole video. The problem with this method is that most email network put restrictions on the size of the file uploading in the email. If it is a private video, you can’t upload it into a video sharing site and keep it there.

The best way to reduce the video size is to compress it with a video converter software like Movavi Video Converter. Movavi Video Converter allows you to compress a video into smallest size. Compressing a video can significantly speed up the uploading onto the video sharing site. If you didn’t compress it, it will take hours to upload it. On the contrary, if you compress it, it will only take a few minutes to upload it.

Using Movavi Video Converter to compress the video file also enable you to transfer it to a mobile device. Mobile device usually don’t have a lot of spaces so you should always compress any video file that you plan to watch on your mobile device. It is estimated that a HD video file will take up about 50% of the storage that is available on your mobile phone. Compressing the video allows you to store a few more videos on your smartphone. If too much space is being used on your mobile device, it will start to run slow so it is a good practice to always compress the video file.

It does not take a lot of time to compress a video with Movavi Video Converter. You just add the video file, select the file format and press the Convert button and your file will be converted and ready to watch in a few minutes. Many free video conversion software take a long time to convert video files because they use lousy video compression technology.

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